It's hard to avoid the BEAUTY, ART, SPIRIT in this world

Lagos, Portugal...there will be more on this place to come. Without a doubt one of my favorite places of all my travels.
This was a secret cove. Discovered after the tide went down and there was a tiny hole in a cliff wall to get to a different, deserted beach. These were the formations coming out of the earth.

I was waiting for this picture, this picture was waiting for me.
Portugal, 2006

This was a church outside of London. This church created the idea for the book Pillars of the Earth. Talk about the right place at the right time...this priest walked away right after I took the picture. The gorgeous ceiling is reflected in a calm, fountain of water.
England, 2008

Costa Rica 2005
This young Tico was wading in a river in front of a waterfall. His family was not far behind. We hiked in to get to this rural waterfall. On the way in, monkeys were in the trees above us.

All of the photos on my blog are taken by me, with my Nikon digital camera. if you are interested in buying a print, let me know!

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