Indian Canyon Hike, Spokane

I've always been eluded by the fact that there are so many secret hikes around Spokane that are never spoken of.  I'm assuming most local nature lovers venture to these alluring places, but they have a known interest...not telling everyone about it.
So after a lot of google and local nature photography websites, I found a few gems in the area.  Of course we are always out discovering, but this hike in particular was a new favorite. 
It's a public park about 10 minutes from our house.  It's never come in conversation.
It's a beautiful hike, and felt almost like bushwacking with the lushness of the greenery. It's a trail that curves through the inside of a steep gorge.  A small creek was flowing through the middle.  We had to cross it a few times over logs or rock jumping...with 2 little boys in tow, I might add. 

There should have been a waterfall flowing here, but it was just a trickle.  It hasn't rained here for months.  There is a huge risk of forest fires right now. 

Huge cedar trees were all around the top, which we hiked through before our descent into the gorge. 
 One was eager to lead the way, and the other was squirming to get down...not quite ready to lead the way.  (Don't tell him that.)

There are miles of trails that we have yet to explore here.  I'll let you know what else we find!  I'm excited to come back in the fall or winter, when there is a lot more flow.

Here's a link Washington Trails Association

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