5 Long Days by Adam Fillman

About 2 weeks after we started dating, I left for a family trip to London.  I was there for 5 days.
It was the first time that I was in Europe but desperately wanted to be home.  Love is powerful.

A Tribute to Jack Johnson by Adam Fillman

Its been 5 long days since I felt the woman,
Come and cover my soul she;s been a cookin
Up a dream I know, I feel it too
Wanna shake the world
Wanna shake with you
So shall we go
Well I’ve been lower than a concrete post
But I’m up and up just a flying with the crows
I see the world clearly now
Give thanks to the sun
Give thanks to Pascal
So shall we go
And oh if the world turns to grey
I would come to you to see what you would say
Wont you please wont you please get out your paint and
paint us a sun
Won’t you
Paint us a sun
Wont you please
paint us a sun

It’s been 5 long days
Wont you come on home to me.

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