The sweet life

 We are all so in love with each other...it's what life is all about.
 Luke in one of his many cloth diapers.  Cloth diapering has become such a staple.  Love it, for his soft little butt, and our dying environment.

 Many friends!

 Lots of mommy time. 
 Raising a child is so much to take in...there are the day to day challenges, but when I step back and think about it on a grander scale, it's mind blowing.  Luke, our little human that we created, will become who he is based entirely on our decisions as parents for the next 20 years.  wtf?  Responsibility on a whole new level. 
 Cinder agrees...it's hard at times, but SO rewarding! She sneaks in her toe kisses all the time, runs to his crib when he wakes from naps, and is always curious what he is screaming about.  They are going to be best friends.  He watches her all the time...sometimes she is the only thing that will make him smile.

My poorly neglected blog...sorry but it's better than a neglected baby.  Not as much time on my hands anymore...which is why this is short and sweet.  Maybe I should change this blog to BabyFillman Photography Blog!!

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