DIY with paper and string

With my huge figure, it has been pretty difficult to get around, get in and out of the car/huge van, bend over among other things.  So in the meantime, I have been super crafty.  The animals for his walls are hanging up by ribbons; and yesterday, I just finished his homemade baby mobile!
The idea came when we were visiting some good friends of ours and peeked into their little girl's room.  She had this gorgeous mobile, all white, all paper butterflies hanging over her crib.  It was really breathtaking.

I went with a simpler route, with lots of color.  All it took was time, a handy woodworking husband, some scissors, paper, and string.
Cute paper baby mobile!
View from Baby's angle!


  1. and to imagine there's a baby lying there and looking at the mobile as i type this... so cute!