Best Christmas gift

I hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Adam and I had a really wonderful Christmas...we are making new traditions and holding on to our favorites.  Even being in Okinawa, we had some fun parties with friends, watched a lot of Christmas movies, and enjoyed the decorations.
We exchanged some really awesome gifts, but Adam's big gift to me was extraordinary..
Adam had to climb up in our tree to 'install' it!

For the past few weeks, in his spare time, he has been hiding a woodworking project from me in our extra room.  He has been drilling, cutting, sawing, and sanding wood...I had no idea what he was making.  I thought maybe a jewelry box, or a recipe box...something of that nature.  But I was so excited to find out.
Christmas morning, it was the last present...I opened a wrapped gift under the tree to find a CLUE!  He hid clues all around the house, leading me to the big gift.

He had it wrapped up in a TON of wrapping paper...when I tore it off, I started crying.  One:  Because it was such an amazing gift, so beyond my expectations.  Two:  because he made it with his own two hands and creative mind...totally unique.  Three:  because I am pregnant...  This was just too much!

He made a swing.  Not just any swing...a PERFECT swing.  It's so great, I can't say enough about it.

Love the light colored wood!

 I can't wait to sit outside on a sunny day, with Luke in my arms; listening to the birds chirping, seeing the blue sky through the green leaves, rocking him with the wind...Adam gave me the best gift ever.
Thank you Adam!!


  1. oh my my my! what a glorious gift! and you two (ahem, three. ahem, four). with the sun on your faces and basking in the glory that is your love.

    MUAH! happy new year, dear fillman family!

  2. Awww Sarah, so sweet. Love the photos.