Grasslands Trail Run

Here's the scenario...LBJ National Grasslands in the middle of nowhere Texas, down farm roads,  dirt roads to miles and miles of horse trails.. home to The Grasslands half-marathon, marathon and 50 mile races.
Adam along with 80 other participants signed up for the 50 mile run.  After 10 hours and 20 minutes, Adam crossed the finish line, exhausted and happy.  We spent the day as his 'Dream team' support crew supplying Runner's Delight (wheat tortilla, banana, peanut butter and honey wraps), blue dragons (powerade), and various electrolyte boosters.  Out of 80 people who signed up, barely 15 finished.  Adam came in 5th or 6th...we are still waiting for the results to post on http://nttr.org/grasslands/
So EXCITED and proud...he is a certified Ultra-Marathoner! 
 Adam and Williams after lap 1: 13.8 miles.

Here's Adam after lap 2, basically completing more than 30 miles...more than halfway done in the peak of the day...hot and thirsty.


 After crossing the finish line...the spectators had dispersed after a long day of races...the 50 miler, the hard stuff, earns a serious amount of respect.  WAY TO GO ADAM!  I'm such a proud wife :)
10 hours and 20 minutes...his personal best, shedding 2 hours off of his last time. 
Photos supplied by the one and only Bill Fillman.

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