Top 30 things to do before i'm 30

That's not too far away, but so much can happen in 4 years!  In no particular order....

1. Have conversations in Japanese and Italian
2. Learn how to kite-surf
3. Watch the launching of a space shuttle (if that happens in the next 4 years)
4. Rescue a dog
5. Have a wedding!
6. Get my pilots license
7. Finish a triathalon
8. Start an organic garden and grow my own kitchen herbs, fruits and veggies
9. Make bread from a memorized recipe
10. Launch my photography website
11. Make Adam cry with happiness (it's too often my tears of joy)
12. Rock climb in New Zealand
13. Learn to play guitar
14. Go Scuba Diving
15. Camp under an Aurora Borealis
16. Open my heart to country music
17. Teach English in a foreign country
18. Paint/draw a series
19. Learn to drive a motorcycle
20. Become a swing dancer
21. Tour S.E. Asia with Adam
22.  Learn to sail
23.  Learn calligraphy
24.  Ride a mechanical bull
25.  Start a masters degree (notice how I say 'start')
26.  Make a habit of writing letters
27.  Do 3 pull-ups
28.  Knit a scarf
29.  Climb a mountain above 10,000 ft. : Mt. Fuji, Mt. Kita & Mt. Yari
30.  Knock out at least half of this list...


  1. Go for it!!! I can help you with a tri
    DK REI

  2. can i join for these...!!

    15. Camp under an Aurora Borealis
    20. Become a swing dancer
    22. Learn to sail
    26. Make a habit of writing letters
    27. Do 3 pull-ups
    28. Knit a scarf