Family Time

Best thing about Christmas...family time.  Now I have two families!  And the best part is that both sides of the family are incredibly hilarious.  We laugh so much, never a dull moment, usually complete sarcasm fills our conversations, and we all love each other so much.  I give credit to my father-in-law and to Adam for these photos that I'm posting...I haven't picked up my camera this entire holiday.  Just living in the moment I guess..
 Meet Cody.  He is so smart, well-behaved, and patient.  Here he is posing anxiously with a treat on each paw and one resting on his nose.  Those eyes say it all.
 On the day that Adam and I arrived, my family drove up to Adam's parents home in Atlanta to spend some time with us.  It was a houseful of smiles.  This was an epic day.  Nat and I were warming up in front of the fire while visions of sugarplums danced through our heads.

 This is the next member of the family with 4 legs, Bruno the boxer.  He is not quite as patient with the treats, but he did sit for the photo..
 Adam captured some shots of us on the couch looking at a book full of puppies.  So cute (we are!)

 Love the candids, but of course you have to have some posed family shots.  It's tradition.  Good times.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and will have a great New Year.

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