BLIZZZZZard 2010

When the snow has fallen, the air is calm, and the sun peeks through the trees...there is a moment of peace and awe that I cannot describe.

Well...it seems that I spoke too soon...about our snowfall that is. We had a minor snowfall that put everyone into a tizzy. THIS time...we had a blizzard that dropped 4-5 inches out of the sky and turned our freeze into soft powdery snow...please :)
Needless to say, I had a snowday. I romped around in the winter wonderland that is the nature preserve behind my house. Here are some fun snowy winter photos
BLIZZARD 2010 brrrr!

This beautiful stump was layered with snow. I loved this contrast.

double take

Across the river and through the woods...

It sure is amazing the way Georgia Pines hold their snow!


  1. Seems like you all took away our winter, I've been missing the snow up here in Toronto...
    BTW: Love the shots, thanks for sharing.


  2. Very nice Sarah. I love you.

  3. UNBELIEVABLE. unbelieveable! your photos are getting increasingly lovely. so much so that i can't decide which one to have on my backdrop. currently: the one of you paddling in the boro.